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Glass Collections

Over the years I have developed a painterly approach to both my painting and glass work, gaining prestigious commissions. I feel that the relationship between my glass and painting continues to strengthen and develop, influencing the mark making in each discipline.

11. Glass ShelterKate Henderson - Shelte
10. Glass Summer shadows etched, painted

My recent work incorporates mixed media materials with glass that explore the themes of family and nurture. The house symbolises the need to provide shelter from the elements, the maternal need to nurture and protect those inside. The texture and patterns on the glass reflect my daily life and routine as a mother and artist that ape the activities that converts a mere building into a home.

I’m interested in the way that light transfers through the glass; to create fleeting shadows that leave their temporary mark. I’ve used a mixture of non-permanent drawing materials combined with sandblasting and etching to allow the surface of the glass to slowly change overtime, reflecting the fragile passage of life.

16. Glass stained glass. mother and chil
14. Glass, Community Nurture (on white b

This portfolio includes exhibition stained glass panels for competitions.

A collection of clear and coloured bubble bowls and dishes.

Bubble Bowl (mixed), recycled window gla
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