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I live close to the beautiful city of Edinburgh and constantly find inspirations from the architecture of the city. I really enjoy observing the details and patterns from the buildings, simplifying and stylizing them in my paintings. My works are not representational but contain the essence of place, strengthened by an intuitive use of colour.

3. Painting interiors Basilica interior
sold Edinburgh Castle, mixed media 32cm

My training in stained glass has nurtured a love and fascination for visiting churches  far and near over the years – sometimes on these visits my enthusiasm doesn’t extend to my children.

I love the way light falls around the building, especially evening light; the cool subtle tones create a contrast against the warmth of street or interior building lights.

Port Seton Fishing Boats, acrylic.jpg
5. Painting , Evening Light iii Mixed Me

I am lucky to live so close to the estuary of the Firth of Forth, with its many harbours nestling along the coastline and often enjoy walks with the family observing the countryside.

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